What are we doing? We are changing.

So, we’ve been open for nearly 4 years and for the most part it’s gone well. At times it’s been incredibly hard, last summer was a classic example of this. Now we know that we need to push on and take the shop to the next level, the amount of time and energy it takes to run a business is massive so it needs to be worth it.

So what’s the plan? Simple, back ourselves! What we are going to be doing is move away from the bigger brands and put more time and energy into our own products. We love making our own designs, we love when we get positive feedback on own products. We’ve always wanted to be different and move away from the classic high street clothing shop and the best way for us to do that is make our own products.  We started our first design, the Viking about a year after we opened. Since then we’ve added around 10 more designs, we now have around 10 more that we can’t wait to put into production. Not only are we going to be doing more adult designs but also kids. We’ve only ever done the Viking in a kids T-Shirt but the plan now is to make even more. 
We know we can’t compete with the big companies, the Primarks and ASOS of the world, so we need to be different. The best way to do that is by making designs that only we have. 

We hope you continue to support us and that you enjoy what we are doing. If you want to leave us a comment then please feel free to do so and say what you think about us moving away from big brands and going at it alone.

Thanks for reading

David @Winstons

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