What we’ve been doing.

As we all know the past few years have been incredibly difficult, small shops like ours have had to fight so hard to just survive, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our lovely loyal customers for sticking with us.

For the first time in three years we feel like we are moving forward, we’ve been able to design new products and build our range back up. Our plan has always been to be a full head-to-toe brand, so we are really excited to have our Pecko shirt in stock as well as two new shirts coming in autumn, as well as a fleece and several other unique pieces. 

We continue to grow our little shop in York and we still pride ourselves and creating cool designs such as the Gorilla sweatshirt, Viking T-Shirt and our brand new Coffee Time, Go Green and Peaceman back designs. 

We can’t wait to continue the journey and showcase all our new stuff to you all. 

Much love

Winston’s team.

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