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Spotlight on - Farah


Mansour Farah, founder of Farah originally studied shirt design and manufacturing at University in New York. After he graduated he opened a very small factory in El Paso, Texas, USA. The first lines from the factory included men's shirts, denim and khaki trousers.

In the 1940's the war started causing a shift from manufacturing civilian clothing to producing military uniforms. When the troops American troops landed on the Normandy beaches in 1944, they were wearing Farah uniforms.

After the war the company needed to change back to producing fashion. With the launch of Farah Gold they quickly realigned...

Spotlight on - Edwin



The Edwin brand is established in Japan by Mr Tsunemi. With a strong passion for denim, Mr Tsunemi is inspired to import them directly from the United States as no denim is manufactured in Japan.

Domestically manufactured denim is available for the first time in Japan. This product is expensive and of inferior quality compared to its American counterparts.

In 1961 Mr. Tsunemi crafts the first pair of Edwin denim jeans.

Edwin produces the world’s heaviest ringspun denim jean (16oz), featuring the famous three-colour rainbow selvedge, which is still being used today.

Edwin become the...