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You have until Election Day to watch the stunning climate change documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio for free

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leonardo dicaprio before the flood
National Geographic
Leonard DiCaprio hosted a National Geographic documentary about climate change, and it's free to watch until midnight on Tuesday, November 8.

Mixing together the science of our damaged planet and the guy who fought the bear in the movie "The Revenant" seems like a bit of an odd choice.

But the combination works. DiCaprio steps into the role of science journalist, interviewing researchers, innovators, and people living in parts of the world where severe impacts of climate change are already being felt. The film trades in charts and jargon for stunning images of climate catastrophes already underway.

DiCaprio and National Geographic announced Sunday morning that the film would remain free on YouTube for an additional two days so people would get a chance to watch it before the election.

"Before the Flood" is so powerful because it presents climate change as it a really is: a global threat that links together people separated by class and geography.

The film was directed by the Academy Award-winning documentarian Fisher Stevens (of "The Cove").

Stevens told Business Insider that he isn't trying to change the minds of people who are convinced of the myth that climate change is part of some strange global hoax. Rather, he wants to offer children and young people access to science, and give them the tools to fight to protect the planet.

"Before the Flood" will air on the National Geographic Channel at 9 pm ET Sunday, and is available in full on YouTube.


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